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World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit (San Fran) – Insights from Members

Fresh from attending the 2023 World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit  a panel of AgriTechNZ members share their insights in a webinar. Our members mingled with over 2000 innovators and investors from…

Global AgriFutures – How can New Zealand respond to overseas trends?

Missed the Global AgriFutures Insights webinar? No problem, you can still watch it all here. Meet 2022 Nuffield scholar Lucie Douma, who shares key agritech insights following her international study…

AgriTechNZ Inform Event: New Innovation Grants

Involved in R&D or innovation?  The Government is launching two new R&D grants to boost business innovation.  The grants aim to help with the high costs and steep learning curves…

Global Agrifuture Series

How can agritech companies overcome challenges in scaling internationally? With workable solutions to solve important issues, why do some companies make it while others struggle to scale internationally? We ask the experts….

New Zealand Ireland Agritech Summit – Recordings

Explore new opportunities for cooperation and building strategic innovation partnerships.Join the conversation and hear the voice of the farmer and the voice of the planet. Watch the webinar below.  …

New Zealand Israel 2022 – Agritech summit – Recordings

View the Summit Recordings here

AgriTech Connect Tour (ITP)

The latest on the state of the agritech industry. Discover the new pilot programmes that our partners, Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) have co-created. Learn about…

Capital games: raising capital for agritech business

Discover what investors are looking for and join others on their capital raising journey.

Connecting Agriculture Devices and Equipment

Watch the Agritech Digital Innovation Week webinar: connecting agritculture devices and equipment.

Global Landscape for Agritech Investing

Watch the Agritech Digital Innovation Week webinar: global landscape for agritech investing.

Automation in Primary Sector Processing

Watch the Agritech Digital Innovation Week webinar: automation in primary sector processing.

Seeing is Knowing and Acting: The Rise of Computer Vision in Agritech

Watch the Agritech Digital Innovation Week webinar: the rise of computer vision in agritech.