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2023 UK & Ireland Market Immersion Tour

AgriTechNZ is leading a group of passionate individuals who have curiosity in collaborations on agritech solutions for the sustainable advancement of agriculture and the environment.

The Agritech Immersion Delegation is seeking to engage with like-minded individuals actively and meaningfully in Ireland and the UK.

This immersive experience is based on the view that by exploring our differences all participants (including New Zealand and their hosts) will expand their understanding.

View the Immersion Booklet to see the delegates heading North.

NOTE: The PDF has interactive links to sites and LinkedIn profiles.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

2022 NZ & Ireland Agritech Summit

In March 2022, AgriTech New Zealand and AgTech Ireland hosted an online summit exploring the common ground between Irish and New Zealand agritech ecosystems for the purpose of seeding collaboration and strategic innovation partnerships.

In an increasingly important era of climate crisis, agritech represents the future of both our primary industries and our global impact on food production systems around the world.

New Zealand and Ireland are both island nations with an export focus, cultures of innovation and deep affinity with the land. Each country is a natural market for the other’s technology and both countries have an aspiration to have a wide global impact.  There is already a history of connection across our primary sectors and, since we face many of the same challenges, there is real potential to accelerate our agritech businesses through collaboration.

In both countries, strengthening agritech ecosystems are creating new opportunities for growth alongside improved primary production. Join the conversation and hear the voice of the farmer, the voice of agritech businesses and the voice of the planet.