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Nuffield fellow Lucie Douma shares insights from her global agricultural travels.

Following her webinar earlier in the year, Lucie Douma is returning to share further insights from her global agricultural travels. Recently, Lucie embarked on a journey across Singapore, India, Qatar, Germany and the USA meeting with farmers, suppliers, industry organisations and government officials, gaining an in-depth view of each country. These discussions were a pivotal component of her Nuffield programme, focused on shaping the future of agriculture.

Lucie joined a cohort of fellows and will share the highlights from her research findings, Data Sharing to Achieve Data Interoperability. She will also preview her forthcoming presentation on climate and agriculture data for the Uruguay SDG Data Conference.

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday 22 November
Time: 11.00am – 12.00pm
Event Type: Webinar
Cost: Free for Members and Non-Members