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AbacusBio: Taking plant and animal genetics expertise around the world

New Zealand company AbacusBio are experts in plant and animal genetics with a focus on breeding programme design and improvement.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Agritech recognises two industry champions in a night of celebration

AgriSea CEO Clare Bradley and Wharf42 CEO Peter Wren-Hilton recognised at agritech industry celebrations.

HortPlus: The future of onion production

When is an onion crop not just a regular one? When its growth is supported by 'MetWatch' a weather and disease technology from New Zealand

Sprout: Investing into agritech with Aimer Farming

Aimer Farming's app monitors accumulated growth rates for paddocks, thanks to investment from Sprout.

Onside: Battling biosecurity with tech

Biosecurity is one of the biggest concerns in the New Zealand primary industries. Tech company Onside have developed an app to protect our farms from incursions.

Gallagher: Joining the dots

Gallagher is one of New Zealand’s largest and most successful Agritech companies. The company was founded in 1938 by Bill Gallagher Senior to commercialise a very simple but ingenious piece of hardware — the world’s first electric fence. 

Snap Group: Every picture tells a story

Snap Group is one New Zealand company with huge ambitions. Front and centre on its website is this mission statement: “We want to positively impact the lives of at least one billion people through technology, AI and data capture.” 

CropX Technologies: The X factor

Bridgit Hawkins, Chief Sustainability Officer for CropX Technologies discusses the challenges of growing your business and the benefits of successful partnerships in the Primary Sector.

Hot Lime Labs: Carbon champions

Hot Lime Labs, is developing technology that enables greenhouses to be more productive, efficient and sustainable by providing cheaper, cleaner CO2. It didn’t start out that way.

BioLumic: Lights, cannabis, action!

BioLumic UV technology delivers ultraviolet light to seeds and seedlings to trigger biological mechanisms

WayBeyond: The future is now

WayBeyond develops technology solutions for commercial growers around the globe. Solutions that allow growers to do more with less: to harness new technologies, connect disparate systems and leverage plant and environmental data to optimise farming processes.

FlipFarm: Necessity is the mother of invention

FlipFarm built a solution to fix their own pain point - and managed to solve a problem for oyster farmers around the world.