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Explore new opportunities for cooperation and building strategic innovation partnerships.Join the conversation and hear the voice of the farmer and the voice of the planet.

Watch the webinar below.


8:00am – 8:20 am –  Opening and Welcome to the summit


8:25 am – 9:15am – Panel 1 – Voice of the farmer
In this session we will hear from farmers in New Zealand and Ireland who have been learning from each other through various exchanges. The challenge on-farm and role of technologies will be considered across both regions.


8:25 am – 9:15am – Panel 3 – Voice of  planet
In this session we will hear from research and industry organisations who are addressing issues of climate impact and sustainability that are shared by both countries and impact the future of livestock farming globally.



9:20 am – 9:35am – Closing remarks
  • Brendan O’Connell – Chief Executive, AgriTechNZ
  • Dan O’Brien – Vice Chair, AgTech Ireland
  • Ambassador of New Zealand to Ireland,  HE Brad Burgess
  • Ambassador of Ireland to New Zealand, HE Peter Ryan