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New Zealand’s farmers have some of the most advanced farming practices in the world, and this project will ensure producers and growers can easily access innovative technologies.

AgriTechNZ, with the support of industry and government partners, conducted a pan-sector survey to baseline the adoption of digital technologies during 2021 / 2022.

Why do the project?

Digital agriculture represents a significant opportunity to enhance New Zealand’s primary sector, including economic, environmental, and social outcomes.

Baselining digital adoption in the primary sector provides powerful insights to on-farm utilisation of digital agricultural practices and the strategies to enable increased benefit from the technologies.

How was the project run?

This project creates an independent, pan-sector baseline of current practice in New Zealand. Its purpose was to identify and prioritise stakeholder projects, define success criteria, share best practice and survey for longitudinal insights into changing practices.

A repeatable methodology enables the project to quantify the impact of initiatives over time.

Survey results aids the development of outreach programmes and technology. More information can be found in a copy of the report.

Where can I find the report?

The Baseline of Digital Adoption in Primary Industries report was published Tuesday 6 September 2022 and was made freely available to anyone interested in agriculture and technology.

Project Team

Tim Cutfield

Project Manager

Brendan O’Connell



Bridgit Hawkins


Chair, Representing SME / Startup seat

Juliet Ansell


Kylie Horomia


Growth & Transformation Manager

The report was publicly launched in August 2022 and available for free download.

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