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Exchanging trusted data underpins the digital agricultural ecosystem in New Zealand’s primary sector. Strengthening this ecosystem and improving levels of data interoperability benefits the environment, the economy, and the people that work in it (including the producers, growers and the technology providers that empower it).

At AgriTechNZ, we are committed to an independent and open approach to the development, storage and discovery of data definitions used across the primary sector. We also promote and amplify related data interoperability initiatives ensuring that they are aligned across the sector and internationally.

Our role is to:

  • Be independent of individual commercial offerings
  • Ensure all sub-sectors are included
  • Leverage the extensive work that has been completed in the past
  • Highlight the great work that is currently being undertaken across the sub-sectors and leverage it into other sectors without slowing it down or creating a significant overhead
  • bring together experienced practitioners from all aspects of the digital ecosystem to help create an environment where agricultural data can be trusted and shared
  • develop previous data definitions and practices and link with international standards bodies


This project intends to enable the efficient exchange of agricultural data once agreements between parties are complete. This includes:

  • the development of an open-source data definitions registry
  • the creation of an operating framework for the development of shared data definitions
  • updating codes of practice for organisations handling farm data
  • the development of agricultural data definitions and standards with a defined linkage to international data standards.
  • representation of agritech organisations in sector discussions relating to agricultural data in New Zealand

This project is led by an AgriTechNZ project team and guided by the Agritech Leaders Data Reference Group.

Agritech Leaders Data Reference Group

Brendan O’Connell



Tim Cutfield

Project Manager

Mark Begbie

The Acceleration Foundry