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How can agritech companies overcome challenges in scaling internationally? With workable solutions to solve important issues, why do some companies make it while others struggle to scale internationally? We ask the experts.

During the last decade, growing sustainable food has become increasingly important and fuelled growth in agritech. This innovation is enabling us to grow more food, feed more people, reduce waste, improve talent capability and protect the environment.

In this highly interactive networking session, we invited innovation experts to share their stories. Innovation enablers from corporate, funding and startup backgrounds shared their top five secrets to scale agritech businesses in new global markets.



Bridgit Hawkins, Chief Sustainability Officer at CropX Technologies Ltd

And special guests:

Elizabeth Fastiggi, Head of Worldwide Agriculture BD at Amazon Web Services (AWS),

Dan O’Brien, Venture Capital and Startup Business Development Lead at Amazon Web Services

Joshua Soo, Chief Executive Officer at GROW

John Friedman, Executive Director, AgFunder Asia and GROW Accelerator.