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AgriTechNZ News: Embracing our power

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year in agritech, we reflect on our progress and achievements.

AbacusBio: Taking plant and animal genetics expertise around the world

New Zealand company AbacusBio are experts in plant and animal genetics with a focus on breeding programme design and improvement.

AgriTechNZ News: Activity Revs Up

Without doubt, travel opens doors to new perspectives.

Robotics Plus launches Prospr: multi-use autonomous vehicle for sustainable orchard and vineyard production

New Zealand-based agritech company Robotics Plus has launched Prospr, an autonomous, multi-use, hybrid vehicle.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Mission to collaborate on emissions reduction

Over 20 representatives of New Zealand based agritech organisations are meeting with Irish and British organisations this month

AgriTechNZ News: Creating Connections

As this newsletter hits your inboxes a cohort of 23 delegates, myself included, are on our way to Ireland and the UK to represent our organisations

AgriTechNZ News: Building momentum

Right now, the Agritech industry is building momentum with many New Zealand businesses considering new markets, product offerings and collaborations.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Agritech recognises two industry champions in a night of celebration

AgriSea CEO Clare Bradley and Wharf42 CEO Peter Wren-Hilton recognised at agritech industry celebrations.

HortPlus: The future of onion production

When is an onion crop not just a regular one? When its growth is supported by 'MetWatch' a weather and disease technology from New Zealand

AgriTechNZ News: Harnessing our strengths

Our recent Annual Meeting was another proof point of the impressive level of engagement across our community.

Agritech News: Northern Hemisphere spotlight

June was a busy month with New Zealand’s National Fieldays returning to its full glory and E-Tipu/IFAMA driving thought leadership.

Agritech News: Recognising agritech’s impact

Last week’s Wellbeing Budget 2023 announcements included a $29.9m commitment to integrating technology into the horticulture sector.