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Shane True has been one of the early triallists for Aimer software, an AI-driven digital assistant and operating system developed by agritech start-up Aimer Farming, led by Hamilton agri data whiz Jeremy Bryant.

The firm recently received a welcome investment boost from the agri-food tech investment company Sprout.

The relationship promises to enable the two-year-old company to reach its full potential by establishing a governance board and connecting Bryant more quickly with other potential partners.

As for True, he already has a raft of technology on the farm, including variable irrigation, wearable cow technology and an automated EID weighing system, all generating multiple data points off his 650-cow herd.

Having learnt about Aimer through a Facebook group appeal seeking early stage triallists, True says his eye was caught by the software’s “pasture-focused” approach, backed by AI learning systems.




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