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In a recent episode of People | Planet | Food, Roger Robson-Williams sat down with Brendan O’Connell, Chief Executive of Agritech New Zealand, to explore the transformative potential of agritech in shaping a healthier, fairer, and more environmentally sustainable food system.

During the interview, Brendan shared insights into the definition and impact of agritech, highlighting how it can revolutionize the agricultural sector. He discussed the ways AgritechNZ supports a diverse array of businesses within the industry, addressing both the opportunities and challenges associated with agritech adoption. The conversation also touched on the potential unintended consequences if agritech is not implemented thoughtfully.

As always, People | Planet | Food delves into broader questions of ensuring healthy living on a healthy planet with nutritious food.


To listen to the full interview CLICK HERE or explore more episodes, visit Scigest page at Plant & Food Research.