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WayBeyond has established its first Latin American presence with the establishment of a new Business Development Consultant role in Mexico City, supporting growers in the region with their technology needs.

“We are incredibly pleased to welcome Celene Solis to the team and have someone on the ground with her expertise working with growers. Celene will play a key part in our strategy introducing our transformative solutions to the region and giving us insight to the needs of local growers,” says Darryn Keiller, CEO & Founder. 

“Mexico has a production value of more than USD$3 billion with an ever-increasing growth through the more than 57 thousand hectares of protected cropping. We see the value we can add to producers through new technology and data support for optimizing their businesses.” 

Mexico is a horticulture powerhouse, being the world’s 4th largest fruit and vegetables exporter. It is among the three largest producers for several crops, including avocado, lemon, papaya, blackberry, and pepper. 

Different public policies have been designed for the agricultural sector in Mexico, aiming to increase productivity, social inclusion, and sustainability growth.  

Ms Solis joins WayBeyond with over 10 years’ experience in agribusiness including key account management with Monsanto and Bayer Crop Science.  

“I’m very excited to work for another global company that has a vision to support growers with smart solutions,” says Ms Solis.  

“The industry in Mexico is ready to take the next step and the WayBeyond offerings of sensor networks, yield prediction, data platforms and other cutting-edge solutions, are exactly what is required to take production to the next level.” 

WayBeyond has key people based in New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United States and now Mexico. This expansion into a new market and ongoing growth over the past two years is also supported by the New Zealand Government.  

“It is fantastic to see New Zealand AgTech innovation being applied in Mexico to support local growers. Having local staff is really important for any company but especially in the agribusiness sector. New Zealand technology is globally recognized for helping growers of all sizes enhance efficiencies and work smarter and I am very excited to see how we can further our collaboration in-market with WayBeyond,” explains Rhianon Berry, New Zealand Trade Commissioner Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

If you’re a grower in the Mexico region, get in touch with Celene and discuss how your business can grow to the next level –