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This year, Tauranga based Trimax Mowing Systems celebrates 40 years in business, proving agritech success isn’t limited to startups. 

“We’ve had 40 years of innovation which challenges the status quo. Thinking outside the box is something we’re good at because we’re driven to find better ways forward,” says CEO Michael Sievwright.  

Trimax was founded in 1981 by Bob Sievwright, an engineer with family roots in agriculture and a passion for high performance machinery.   

Bob developed the Gamma Flail, an innovative aerodynamic mower flail to simplify manufacturing processes and increase operational efficiency compared with welded flails of the time.  After six weeks of development, Bob gained his first customer!  But this was short lived, when just a month later, the company burnt to the ground.   Determined to keep his flail on the market, Bob bought the remains of the business and partnered with another local manufacturer to establish Trimax Mowing Systems.    

Today, Trimax’s rotary and flail equipment is a market leading mowing solution around the world and can be found on such high-profile turf as England’s Silverstone Race Circuit and US PGA Championship courses.  Trimax has manufacturing, assembly and warehousing facilities in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. 

“Trimax has had to learn to adapt to each of our different markets. We learned that we needed to design products to suit market-specific needs and preferences, relying on our technical foundations and pillars of culture to guide our connections to our customers,” says Michael. 

Looking to the future, Trimax is investigating emerging technologies with the aim to make smarter and more responsive systems.  View the Trimax Story here and discover how a curious approach and humble attitude has enabled their ongoing growth.