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As this newsletter hits your inboxes a cohort of 23 delegates, myself included, are on our way to Ireland and the UK to represent our organisations and the agritech industry.

This Mission is being led by AgriTechNZ but others organised by Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) are fantastic opportunities to join with others and access opportunities that otherwise may not be available. And in this particular case, also get discounted ticket rates to the World Agritech Summit in London. If you’re interested to know who is on this delegation, take a look here.

These trips are mainly self-funded and can be a big cost for the organisations attending but the upside is the connections and business opportunities available. There’s ample examples of where in-person networking has led to investment, employment and other growth opportunities 🙂.

We’re pleased to create this Mission with support from Partners in Ireland and the UK and we’ll keep you updated about the journey through our social channels and in our next newsletter. Read on to see another opportunity for a Mission to Europe!

Kylie Horomia
AgriTechNZ Growth & Transformation Manager