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Right now, the Agritech industry is building momentum with many New Zealand businesses considering new markets, product offerings and  collaborations. This is exactly what we hope will continue to grow across the wider ecosystem and the milestones that have been achieved are reasons to celebrate.

Recently we held a dinner in Wellington hosted by The Hon. Jo Luxton to recognise the great work being done across the sector. Thank you to those Members and key stakeholders who attended and took the opportunity to network. Later in the year, we will be offering further opportunities around the country. We know these events are important for creating community connections and opportunities.

The dinner was also a chance to present two prestigious awards: The Robin Davidson Memorial Award and the Agritech Lifetime Achievement Award. I would like to congratulate both winners (read on!) on this very well-deserved recognition. It is a privilege to celebrate those who are leading in our sector, and to recognise past work that has provided us all the foundation for our current success.

The greatest encouragement I can share with our AgriTechNZ Members is to be involved. Please register for events, share knowledge and connect. You never know what opportunities will arise.

Bridgit Hawkins
Chair AgriTechNZ Executive Council
Chief Sustainability Officer, CropX

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