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This series of four webinars was designed to enable people across the spectrum* to acquire factual insights on which to make informed management, technology and interoperability decisions, with an emphasis on real-world application.

Data is at the heart of business decision-making in any industry, especially so in the ag sector.

For NZ agriculture-related companies to remain competitive in an increasingly globally-connected world, their data must be more complete, timely, accurate, and comprehensible. Standards help make this possible.

A challenge for implementers is knowing what standards are available and the purpose of each. How and if standards relates to other standards, and how various technologies and tools inter-relate.

This four-part webinar series addressed these points, prioritising breadth over depth, and with references to resource libraries to enable participants to dig deeper.

Guest presenters during the series included:

  • Andrew Cooke, MD, Rezare Ltd, Head of DataLinke
  • Sir Bill English, 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • Alexey Rostapshov, Head of John Deere Labs, San Francisco
  • David Downs, MBIE

*for example agtech businesses, agribusinesses, research organisations, primary producer co-ops, regional and central government regulators

The agenda covered, in four sessions

Session One: Tuesday 14 April 2020

Reasons and Benefits of Standards, Standards Influencers; Competitive Advantage.

Session Two: Tuesday 21 April

Business Processes, Message Data Standards from a global perspective, with implications for NZ business.

Session Three: Tuesday 28 April

Reference Data; Data Ownership, Moving data around (APIs etc) (NZ & globally).

Session Four: Tuesday 5 May

Practical Strategies for New Zealand entities wanting to implement technologies in line with global best-practice standards; Relevance of AgGateway for New Zealand (and Australia); Alignment with New Zealand’s Agritech Industry Transformation Plan.

The webinar series is built on the work undertaken by the Precision Ag Association of NZ (“PAANZ”) over the last two years, the investment in Datalinker and NZ Farm Data Standards, the NZ Government’s Industry Transformation Plan, as well as emerging dialogue within and between New Zealand and Australia to facilitate greater collaboration between ag sector organisations.

These webinars were convened by:

  • Kenneth Irons, on the boards of PAANZ and AgriTechNZ, and CEO of Precision Farming Ltd, and were lead by
  • Jim Wilson, Global CEO and President of OAGi and CTO of AgGateway.

AgriTechNZ members are also welcome to access the substantial library of resources made available free of charge with the complements of AgGateway, to attendees at the webinar series. If you can not access this page please contact Tim Cutfield on