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Over the past 6 months, Agritech New Zealand has been driving a series of domestic & offshore initiatives aimed at growing the country’s agritech sector. With its rapidly growing membership, we are now in a position to launch these opportunities through 2019.

We are not doing this alone. We are working with our existing members, the New Zealand government and external partners to facilitate better access to:

  • Offshore markets
  • International partnerships
  • Global capital

We are also launching a series of new initiatives through 2019 in which New Zealand will be taking a global lead. These are designed to address some of the key challenges that are impacting on the primary sector, both at home and abroad: Labour (the lack of); increasing the production of nutritious food; improving sustainable farming practices; better management of environmental and water control. All set against a backdrop of changing weather patterns, evolving land use and a growing consumer awareness of the importance of provenance around how we grow food, its source & its impact on the land.

Members of Agritech New Zealand will be able to take part in the working groups established to address these challenges. We will in turn be working with New Zealand government’s new inter-agency taskforce designed to support the growth of the agritech sector. As a member of the Agritech New Zealand, your business will be able to benefit from these initiatives.

As a corporate member, you will have access to New Zealand’s agritech start-up ecosystem, learning more about how their often disruptive technology and business models can positively support your business. As a start-up member, the converse applies. Access to New Zealand’s more established agribusinesses will potentially help scale your emerging business.

Better access to global capital is key for most businesses. By providing channels to that capital, Agritech New Zealand, together with its partners in Farm2050, can provide that access. To support this offshore visibility, Agritech New Zealand will be representing New Zealand’s agritech sector at a number of major international agritech-focused conferences this year, providing direct insights into New Zealand’s agritech landscape and the opportunity it provides for offshore engagement and investment.

If you want to play a key role in helping develop New Zealand’s rapidly growing agritech ecosystem, you can sign up and join Agritech New Zealand today. As we publicise these new initiatives, the opportunity to connect and engage with that community and our offshore partners will significantly benefit both our individual members and the country’s wider agritech ecosystem.

Agritech New Zealand’s key purpose is that ‘by working together, we can unleash New Zealand’s agri-technology expertise, globally’. To join this community today, you can view and sign up via Agritech New Zealand’s online membership application form here. Alternatively, you can contact me directly at my email address:

The team looks forward to working with you through 2019.