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gritech New Zealand is excited to introduce Kirk Haney to a New Zealand audience. Kirk will be joining the high-profile delegation of leading global agritech thought leaders and investors, led by Arama Kukutai of Finistere Ventures, when they visit the country from 22 – 25 May.

Kirk will be attending the ‘10 billion mouths’ agritech conference in Tauranga on Wednesday 23 May.

Kirk Haney

Kirk Haney, CEO of Radicle Growth

Kirk is the CEO and Managing Partner of Radicle Growth, a $15M accelerator fund focused on transforming the speed of innovation in agriculture. Under Kirk’s leadership, Radicle secured top tier financial and corporate investors including Finistere Ventures, $150M agtech fund, OurCrowd, $300M funding platform, Bayer Crop Science and DuPont Pioneer. Radicle is partnering with great entrepreneurs to bring disruptive innovation to market while leveraging the platform’s global network to accelerate the development of the new technologies.

Previously, Kirk served as President and CEO of SGB, an agricultural biotechnology company, from 2007 to 2014. Under Kirk’s leadership, SGB became a leader in the development of new crops for food, energy and industrial markets and raised $40M from institutional and corporate investors. Prior to SGB, Kirk was the Chairman and President of Green Millennium. Kirk raised more than $120M in venture and private equity to develop, plant, and manage sustainable reforestation programs in Central America. A majority share of the company was sold to a $3 billion private equity firm in 2007.

Prior to his work in sustainable agriculture, he held senior management positions for 3Com Corporation, ArrowPoint Communications (acquired by Cisco Systems for $5.9B) and Cisco Systems.

It’s great that Kirk can attend Techweek18’s headline agritech event, ‘10 billion mouths’. If you want to purchase a ticket to meet Kirk and a host of other global agritech thought leaders, you can purchase one right now through the Techweek18 website.