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Agritech New Zealand is excited to introduce Andy Triedman to a New Zealand audience. Andy will be joining the high-profile delegation of leading global agritech thought leaders and investors, led by Arama Kukutai of Finistere Ventures, when they visit the country from 22 – 25 May.

Andy will be attending the ‘10 billion mouths’ agritech conference in Tauranga on Wednesday 23 May.

Andy Triedman

Andy Triedman of Innovation Endeavours

Andy (Palo Alto, CA) is a member of Innovation Endeavour’sInvestment Team focused on venture investments. Before that he was a management consultant for Bain & Company, where he worked on strategy and operating model projects in the technology, financial services, and consumer goods. He holds a BS in Neuroscience from Brown University, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a focus on computational systems neuroscience and machine learning.

It’s great that Andy can attend Techweek18’s headline agritech event, ‘10 billion mouths’. If you want to purchase a ticket to meet Andy and a host of other global agritech thought leaders, you can purchase one right now through the Techweek18 website.