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Agritech New Zealand is excited to introduce Dr. Adrian Percy to a New Zealand audience. Adrian will be joining the high-profile delegation of leading global agritech thought leaders and investors, led by Arama Kukutai of Finistere Ventures, when they visit the country from 22 – 25 May.

Adrian will be attending the ‘10 billion mouths’ agritech conference in Tauranga on Wednesday 23 May.

Adrian Percy

Dr Adrian Percy will be attending the ’10 billion mouths’ conference

Adrian has served as Global Head of Research & Development at Bayer CropScience AG since August 1, 2014 and served as its Senior Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs until August 1, 2014.

Adrian served as a Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs at Bayer CropScience, Inc. and served as Vice President of Development North America at Bayer CropScience, Inc. Adrian’s team had responsibility for the development of crop protection products for the US market as well as providing technical support for Bayer CropScience’s marketing and sales organization, customers and co-operators.

He began his career in 1991 as a Toxicologist with Rhone-Poulenc in France. Since then, he has held numerous positions in the Research and Development departments of Bayer CropScience and its legacy companies in France, Germany and the USA. He studied in the United Kingdom earning a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool, a Master’s degree in Toxicology and then a doctorate in Biochemistry at the University of Birmingham.

It’s great that Adrian can attend Techweek18’s headline agritech event, ‘10 billion mouths’. If you want to purchase a ticket to meet Adrian and a host of other global agritech thought leaders, you can purchase one right now through the Techweek18 website.