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AgriTechNZ member Trev is empowering farmers to have better control of their data with the launch of an application programming interface (API). The new API, puts operational data directly in the hands of the farmer. 

“APIs certainly aren’t new to the ag sector however we do believe this is the first time that New Zealand farmers will have the ability to transfer a wide breadth of operational data that they genuinely own and control themselves,” says Trev CEO, Scott Townshend.  

“By enabling farmers to automatically share their validated, accurate records we are able to reduce the data burden and begin to create and interpret insights that are meaningful and valuable to a farming business.”  

“As New Zealand’s agritech industry has evolved, so too has the farming sector’s ability to record information with data available in a lot of different places.  As such, putting the farmer first and reducing data burden are important KPIs for the agritech industry.”  

Previously, farmers have been able to build their own datasets and gain insights.  However, this new API is designed for farmers to automate data sharing within their own systems or sharing with industry partners. 

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