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Following our own version of Groundhog Day, we’re looking forward to getting out on the road again with our Agritech Connect Tour next month.  Meeting and connecting in person is the key to building our community of shared interests. We will be highlighting the progress, tools and services that are emerging from the Agritech Industry Transformation Plan (ITP). As the first National Strategy for our sector, we’re also keen to reflect on our learnings and how we can continue building the conditions for improvement and growth. Like so many of the organisations and businesses in our sector, testing new approaches is a vital part of how we can refine our business focus.

This month, we’ve seen some great examples of business model innovations amongst our members.  Chris Rodley and the team at Snap Information Technologies bucked the trend and acquired an overseas business. It’s great to see this expansive approach to business development and we wish Chris and the team well as they continue their work with the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) here and take it into global markets. Read more. We also celebrate the ‘triple helix’ of MPI, Robotics Plus and the University of Waikato as the Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures Fund supports the commercialisation of asparagus harvesting technology. Many of us have watched this project with interest because of the global potential in asparagus automation systems. To see technology that can positively impact New Zealand primary industry and create significant technology exports is a perfect example of what we all aspire to in the agritech sector! Congratulations to Steve Penno (MPI), Steve Saunders (Robotics Plus) and Mike Duke (University of Waikato) and their respective teams for the work and collaboration and we wish them well in its implementation. Read more.

New Zealand Agritech Story

Last week, I joined activation workshops with United Kingdom (UK) based, New Zealand agritech companies who are developing  their own marketing campaigns alongside the Agritech Story. The combination of an overarching context, shared stories and collaboration will have a ‘greater than the sum of its parts’  impact for these businesses.

Following the launch of the Agritech Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) and our pandemic response, the time is right to leverage the positive international sentiment towards New Zealand and reactivate the Agritech Story in key offshore markets. In collaboration with Government agencies and agritech businesses, we are piloting offshore agritech campaigns, initially targeting the UK. The learnings from this will then provide a blueprint for activation in other markets.

Next month, we will share the campaign toolkit, with insights, messaging, images and videos to help you share the New Zealand Agritech story in your market.

On 28 October we are hosting an Auckland event in partnership with the AI Forum that highlights the role of technologies in responding to environmental and climate challenges. This event will explore the current state and potential for agritech solutions to help reduce emissions and mitigate the challenges to producers and growers as they respond to the climate crisis. Please register to attend. These discussions support the wider conversations being curated at the Oceania 2035 Summit being hosted in Auckland next year.

We’re also looking forward to participating in continued discussions on Cellular Agriculture in November.  Last month in Palmerston North, we began these discussions with our partners at BioTechNZ. Supported by Food HQ, we joined a room full of primary industry interests as we explored the current state and future potential of Cellular Agriculture. Review the presentation hereand join the inaugural Cultured Meat and Seafood Symposiumin Auckland on 2 November.

Trust, Traceability of Digital Trade are key themes for the primary sector and many other industries. If you’re near Hastings on 5 November or want to stretch your domestic travel legs, please register to attend this blockchain event. If you’re a member, please contact usfor a discount code.

Pandemic permitting, we look forward to connecting with many of you in the coming months as we travel the country and continue promoting our shared sector interests.

Ngā mihi,

Chief Executive
AgriTech New Zealand

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