Audit of Precision Agricultural Practices

Project aim:

Creating an independent, pan-sector baseline of current practice in New Zealand, for the purpose of:

  • Identifying and prioritising stakeholder projects that support the increased use of precision practices. 
  • Defining success criteria for those projects.
  • Sharing best practice between industry sectors.
  • Future surveys that enable longitudinal insights into changing practices.


For agritech to deliver its true value we must understand the drivers of adoption of the on farm practices, before leveraging them.


The survey will provide visibility into the maturity of the practices within different agricultural sectors, the value that precision practices provide and the drivers of adoption.

The Practitioners Working Group (PWG) can conduct this research in a non-partisan manner enabling the comparisons between sectors.  For example,  viticulture vs horticulture, or Kiwifruit vs Avocados.

Partner organisations will gain greater understanding of the practices of their customer base, how they compare with other sectors and the drivers for adoption of precision practices.  This will assist with the development of outreach programmes and technical strategies. Currently we are in the development stage of the survey and welcome new partner organisations.


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