Practitioner Working Group

The Practitioner Working Group (PWG) continues the  Precision Agriculture Association of New Zealand’s (PAANZ) initiatives. 

The overall purpose of the PWG is strongly aligned to the objectives of the now disestablished PAANZ i.e. to increase the awareness and effective use of PA technologies in New Zealand land-based primary production systems by:

  • Supporting Agritech New Zealand in achieving its aims for farmers, growers and industry intermediaries;
  • Building capability within the sector and particularly among farmers and growers;
  • Promoting adoption of appropriate PA through publications and events.

The PWG is undertaking  two core projects which are supported by a combined communications plan delivered via AgriTechNZ. The Group reports to the AgriTechNZ Executive Council as required.

Agricultural Data Standards and Interoperability Project

Developing an operating framework for the development of agricultural data standards within New Zealand that will have defined linkage to international data standards. This will be the recognised forum for the development and custody of agricultural data standards within New Zealand.

Audit of Precision Agricultural Practices

Creating an independent, pan-sector baseline of current practice in New Zealand, for the purpose of:

  • Identifying and prioritising stakeholder projects that support the increased use of precision practices. 
  • Defining success criteria for those projects.
  • Sharing best practice between industry sectors.
  • Future surveys that enable longitudinal insights into changing practices.