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Peter Wren-Hilton

Complete the Agritech New Zealand Survey today and help secure a resilient and strong agritech sector


As we contemplate a further three weeks of total lockdown due to COVID-19, Agritech New Zealand has been focused on developing initiatives that will secure a resilient and strong agritech sector through very challenging times. We know right now that many agritech businesses are doing it tough. We stand by you 100%.

As we begin to experience today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, it’s very important that we all understand the short-term, the medium term and the long-term impact on the country’s wider agritech ecosystem. As a result, and in association with the Government’s Agritech Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) taskforce, Agritech New Zealand is today launching a major online survey of the sector.

Its purpose is to get a better understanding of the sector’s resilience and business continuity planning, both during the current COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. The results of this survey will help both Agritech New Zealand and the Government’s Agritech ITP taskforce identify new measures that might assist businesses navigate this challenging period.

We are going one step further. Eventually, we will emerge from the current lockdown and out thoughts turn to how to secure medium to longer term growth and jobs for the sector. Your responses to the questions in the survey will help us identify that potential path to growth.

The results of the survey questionnaires will be anonymised to guarantee confidentiality.

If you are a New Zealand business, (corporate, SME, start-up, research, government, investor or professional service provider), involved in any way with the New Zealand agritech sector, I urge you to complete the Survey today.

You can do so by opening up this Survey Monkey link.

The Agritech New Zealand survey is one component of a new platform launched today called Agritech New Zealand Insights. It’s designed to support the sector over the coming weeks and months as the country and the world begin to experience a ‘new normal’.

I will post further information about Agritech New Zealand Insights over the coming days, but today’s focus has to be on the Agritech New Zealand Survey.

The opportunity to take part will close next Monday (6 April). We expect to have the first analysis ready by Easter. The Agritech ITP taskforce can then review the results and determine next steps. Our input into this process will add some urgency to the task as we seek to collectively accelerate support for the sector. We are looking beyond the next three plus weeks. We are focused on securing the future.

Your input is vital.

Thank you

Be calm, be kind, stay at home. Together, we can break the chain.

Peter Wren-Hilton Peter is Executive Director of Agritech New Zealand and founder of Wharf42 in Tauranga. Peter helps organise major agritech conferences in New Zealand and offshore and connects early stage New Zealand agritech companies with international markets.