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Peter Wren-Hilton

Building a coherent and compelling story for New Zealand agritech

On Friday, I joined 20 other NZ agritech stakeholders take part in a five hour NZ agritech story workshop.

It was the first of many such meetings. Managed by NZ Story and NZTE, their purpose is to develop a coherent and compelling story that New Zealand’s agritech sector can share with the rest of the world. We know we have all the positive talking points. Assembling them into a format that can be shared across the entire agritech ecosystem is the key driver supporting the initiative.

It is one of several that the broader NZ Inc. community are now developing. Off the back of the recent strategic partnership agreements with Farm2050 & Western Growers, an all-of-government team is now collaborating across multiple agencies to support and facilitate the opportunity that these agreements offer.

Today, I fly to Ireland to join several other Farm2050 partners at the AgTech Nexus Europe conference. We are looking to design some major new initiatives that will leverage the ‘first country partner’ status that Farm2050 signed with Agritech New Zealand back in August. Ensuring that New Zealand’s agritech sector can elaborate the benefits of its world-leading tech is an important part of that strategy.

Over the next six months, Agritech New Zealand will be working closely with the NZ agritech story project team. Through 2019, there will be numerous opportunities to share its outcomes with a wide range of offshore agritech stakeholders; agribusinesses, investors, farmers / growers, governments and the global ag research community. The initiative reflects just how far the New Zealand agritech community has come during 2018.

2019 offers this community an opportunity to build and scale in a way not seen before. For those of us helping support and promote the sector at the front-end, these are exciting times.

Peter Wren-Hilton Peter is Executive Director of Agritech New Zealand and founder of Wharf42 in Tauranga. Peter helps organise major agritech conferences in New Zealand and offshore and connects early stage New Zealand agritech companies with international markets.