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Peter Wren-Hilton

Our Mission

This is an industry-led initiative, designed to connect key New Zealand stakeholder groups in the country’s nascent agritech sector to build a more effective and efficient collaborative ecosystem.

Specifically, we are seeking to address some key challenges facing the sector. These include;

  • underperforming when benchmarked against its global peers. Israel exports 10x New Zealand agritech products and related services
  • attracting negligible global inward investment
  • negatively impacted by a historic ‘silo’ approach adopted by government, industry and research institutes
  • lacking a compelling, coherent story, despite some significant positive talking points
  • falling behind global competitors including Israel, Ireland, the Netherland and the USA

Agritech New Zealand will speak to key New Zealand and offshore stakeholders with one voice.  It will drive national coherency through all of:  stakeholder collaboration; digital strategy; the breaking down of silos; promoting industry-wide initiatives; providing access to business intelligence and market insights; identification of development pathways; introductions into relevant networks, including those for investment and offshore market access.

Peter Wren-Hilton Peter is Executive Director of Agritech New Zealand and founder of Wharf42 in Tauranga. Peter helps organise major agritech conferences in New Zealand and offshore and connects early stage New Zealand agritech companies with international markets.